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All Under One Roof Crafts (AUORcrafts), After winning hearts offline, we’re on the Online platform to provide you the best shopping experience.

India has a very rich and ancient culture, we at AUORcrafts decided to follow the footsteps of our ancestors and came along to take forward the legacy of our legendary artisans.

AUORcrafts is working with both rural and urban artisans since last three decades.

All products are manufactured in INDIA to support ”Artisans and Artists”.

AUORcrafts is highly creative sector and produces large variety of craft products. We’re localized segment of the domestic and international market. Our production of craft products is done on both large and small scale. Drawing inspiration from the age-old traditions and art, we provide best-in-class customised handicrafts worldwide.

Handicrafts, it itself defines that it is not made by a machine. It is the result of someone’s hard work and strong devotion. It describes how our culture, tradition and origin are. It also talks about the past condition of our country. Globalization our handicraft products has crossed the national boundary and it has reached the other corners of the world. As it is eco-friendly it is able to attract people towards it.

Our motto is to,

Become a leading name in this field of Handicrafts.
Increase income and ensure fair wages without causing strain to family dynamics.
Provide steady and diversified sources of income to artisans.
Reduce deprivation; beneficial to artisan aspirations and local economy.
Empower women to be recognized as an independent, income-earning group.
Increase family well-being; enabling artisans to balance responsibilities at home and still work.
Improve communication and business skills; results in influence over community decisions
Preserve culture by incorporating artisan techniques, tools, and designs into every product – encouraging new generations to continue the tradition.
Appeal to the socially conscious millennial market to increase fair trade and employment opportunities.
We find great inspiration in creating products you love. Our in-house design team works with global trend agencies to analyses customer preferences, and coordinates with artisans directly to design products that connect with your journey.
We seek to connect you with the thousands of artisans who live in vulnerable conditions to boost their development and contribute to their well-being. We combine their traditional crafts with pieces designed for you, creating products with a positive impact both for those who use them and those who make them. Through fair trade with artisan communities, we can contribute to the development and preservation of their traditions. The way we do it is through products that you can use in your day-to-day life, crea
ting a direct link between you and the talented artisans of INDIA.


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