Handmade Rattan Peacock Chair


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Dimension: Length: 106cm, Breadth: 50cm, Height: 148cm.

Material: Natural Rattan.

Colour: Natural Rattan, Light Brown, Dark Brown.

SKU ID (Product ID): SV-RT-PC-18

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Peacock Chair Large – Vintage Wicker or Rattan Chair Rental – Perfect for Tropical, Hollywood and Halloween

Make yourself feel extra special with this Peacock Chair. Intricately handwoven by skilled artisans, our shapely rattan chair makes a grand statement with an extra-high peacock design back. Comes with the seat cushion for comfort.

"Although the origins of the Peacock Chair have been widely debated, most accounts trace the throne-like chair to Asia," explains the book. "It is likely to have originated in the Philippines, which is why it is often referred to as the Manila or Philippine Chair. One report traces the chair to the Bilibid Prison in Manila, where the incarcerated population was tasked with weaving home furnishings from weeds or rattan."

They are particularly great at adding texture to your home due to their woven rattan or wicker material.

Characterized by their wide, round backs and armrests, peacock chairs are often much larger than those occupying the seat. They give off a strong presence without being imposing, thanks to their traditional natural wood tone.

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Dark Brown, Light Brown, Natural Rattan


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